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"Thank you, Ms. Fields, for telling us about famous black people.  I really learned a lot.  My favorite was Madam C. J. Walker. "
Glenn Dale Elementary
4th grade student 

"The stories you told us were cool.  I might want to be a doctor like Dr. Ben Carson.  I like to help people.  I also want to bring my reading and science grades up like Dr. Carson brought his grades up when he was in 5th grade.  You are a good storyteller.  Thank you again! "
Glenn Dale Elementary
4th grade 

Dear Mrs. Fields/The Story Lady, 
"Thank you.  Your stories are very inspiring.  I loved them.  I hope you can tell us some more stories. "
Glenn Dale Elementary
4th grade

Dear Mrs. Fields/The Story Lady, 
"Thank you for telling us those great stories.  I was very happy to hear them.  Also, I would be very happy if you would come back and tell us more about African Americans.  One day I might be a famous African American.  Hope I see you soon. "
Glenn Dale Elementary
4th grade

Black History Program

The Story Lady presents an inspiring Black History program for students in grades 3 through 6 using storytelling, props from the historical period, coupled with student participation.  The stories are about the lives of three famous African Americans who are as follows:  Carter G. Woodson,
Madam C. J. Walker,
and Dr. Benjamin Carson. 

        The program begins with the history of Carter G. Woodson, who is the Father of Black History Month in America.  Students will learn why America celebrates Black History Month.  Next the program moves to the history of Madam C. J. Walker, who was the first female of any racial group in the United States to become a self-made millionaire.  The presentation tells about her childhood and how she overcame countless struggles to become a self-made millionaire.  The program concludes with telling the modern-day historic story of
Benjamin Carson, who is currently the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at the John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. He is the first neurosurgeon to successfully separate Siamese twins who were joined at the head with both twins surviving the operation.  The program tells about his many childhood obstacles and how he rose above them.
Students hear these stories and get inspired.  They will realize that regardless of the obstacles and struggles that they face in life, they too, have the ability already within to overcome them and become a modern-day historic success.  Students leave the program feeling inspired, encouraged and motivated to achieve!

If you are a parent, daycare provider, teacher, librarian, camp coordinator or anyone who needs entertainment for the children in your lives, schedule your next event with today. 
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ďThe Calvert Library was so sad to lose Glenda Fields as our own personal Story Lady on staff but have rediscovered her talent and joy for storytelling through wonderful black history programs that she has developed for our audiences.   The attendees go from mesmerized to delighted, all the while learning about a rich culture.  Glenda draws the crowd in with wonderful stories, props and magical moments. Thank you, Glenda!  Excellent work!Ē
Robyn Truslow
Public Relations Coordinator
Calvert Library 

Mrs. Fields gave an engaging and exciting look at the history of many famous African Americans.  The students at Glen Dale Elementary thoroughly enjoyed learning as they dressed up in historical clothing and listened to stories from our past."

Ms. Dhenzel
Glenn Dale Elementary School 

Dear Ms. Fields/The Story Lady, 
"Thank you for telling me those wonderful stories.  Before, I didnít know anything about Madam C. J. Walker. "
Glenn Dale Elementary
4th grade student 

Thank you, Mrs. Fields. 
"You are a 4-star Storyteller.  Thank you for telling us about Madam C. J. Walker and Ben Carson.  They both did wonderful things.  These are the best stories Iíve heard all year. "
Glenn Dale Elementary
4th grade